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In the last few years remanufacturing has become recognised as being both a profitable and "green" End-of-Lifecycle strategy, providing manufacturers with an efficient and responsible method to comply with current and forthcoming environmental legislation.

For remanufacturing to be applied with the greatest possible profitability and efficiency it is important that the specific requirements imposed by remanufacturing are considered during the design phase, specifically, the ease with which an End-of-Lifecycle product can be disassembled, cleaned, tested and reassembled. This study considered the factors affecting the success of a remanufacturing operation. A wide range of products that are already successfully remanufactured were analysed. This led to the development of 11 "Remanufacturable Product Profiles" and the creation of the Repro² software. The objective is to give designers the possibility to compare the product being developed with the 11 product profiles, to identify which profile best matches the profile of their product, and then to identify which aspects of the design the designer should concentrate their efforts.
In order to validate and improve this model, it is vital to collect as much product information as possible.


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